If you need help with a consumer law or business situation, we encourage you to email or call us. We strive to respond quickly to your messages so that you can make informed decisions on how to resolve your problems.Contact


Many lawyers charge you a consultation fee just to tell you whether or not they are willing to represent you. We are different. We understand that many people cannot afford to pay a consultation fee–let alone hire an attorney to represent them, for every type of legal situation they face. So here is how we are different:

  • We will provide a free quick legal consultation over the phone.
  • We will discuss and review your situation with you to see if we can help, or if we cannot help, we will provide suggestions on how you can find possible help for your situation.
  • If we can help you, then we will discuss the steps necessary for hiring us to represent you, which includes a written fee agreement that describes exactly the scope of representation and how much it will cost.


In many consumer law situations, we are able to represent you on a contingency basis because consumer statutes allow the recovery of attorney’s fees. That is, no fee, unless we win or settle your case (you are not even responsible for costs if we lose). If there are no consumer statutes that allow recovery for attorney’s fees or you require help with small business or other issues, then we can work out some other type of arrangement on a negotiated fee/flat fee or hourly basis or some combination.

Under all circumstances, the exact arrangement of our legal representation and the prices/fees will be in writing when you have agreed to retain us and we have agreed to represent you. There is NO attorney-client relationship–that is we are not your attorney under any circumstance and you are not our client–until we have a signed agreement on file.

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